Letter from Dr. Karl Schutz

My Dear Friends!

After several years of searching, imagining, planning and dreaming, we are now almost ready to turn our vision of building a monument to Emily Carr into Action. With your help, this dream will become a reality. However, building a monument to one of the greatest female artists will take - in addition to tenacity, skill and determination - Funding.

In a world of dreams, and mystic imagination, I see Emily Carr as "THE MOTHER" of all creative artists; she suffered hardship, insults, rejection, and ridicule, but above all Emily triumphed in the end. For only a donation of $5, (or more) you can become a lifetime member of our “Global Emily Carr Monument Family". Simply visit the 'donation' page and register your membership or by sending your investment and donation to: Emily Carr Monument - Box 488 Chemainus, BC. Canada V0R 1K0 or by using PayPal. It's simple and you will be contributing to a piece of history.This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in creating an awe-inspiring and spectacular Monument.

Your name will be displayed in the Family Honour Role and we will include your City and Country on the back of the Monument being built in Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada. You will also be acknowledged on the Monument website by becoming a proud member of the "Global Emily Carr Family Tree". Joining our "Global Emily Carr Family" is something to be proud of; something you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren. You will have played an active part in creating an amazing artistic vision. In turn, after being a member, you to can start your own "Global Emily Carr Monument Family". Invite your family and friends to include their names on the Monument Family Honour Role, with each of them becoming branches of your particular limb of the Tree. After registering you will receive a password for you to login and access your account information, see donations and view your tree.

What a wonderful experience it will be to see this grow, as hundreds of individuals join our creative vision. A new social movement will be born - one whose progress will be tracked on our website day by day as it grows from country to country and culture to culture around the world.

With warm regards,

Karl Schutz
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